Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here at Pavlak PR


Here at Pavlak PR, we use special methods, such as PR and Bloggers, to grow brands and businesses. We also connect Brands to Bloggers. We specialize in Online PR, Web marketing, and Social Media to bring you the best.

The ways we use to help our Customers; brands grow
  • Social Networks (such as Top Popular: Facebook & Twitter)
  • Blogging
  • Article Writing
  • Press Realeses
  • Blog Product Reviews & Giveaways
  • Blog Advertising
  • Internet Email Campaigns 
  • Strategy- Thinking, Planning & Consulting
  • Specified PR - Blogger Campaigns
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

OPPORTUNITY Announcement:
Join our affiliate program- like many other moms & bloggers are doing. Now you can convert your tips and articles into sales, Unique Feng Shui is a fast growing business with more than 10 catalogs in decoration, Kids, Wealth, Prosperity, Healing Crystals, and many other interesting categories, that interests all of us.

Hi There,

My name is Sabrina Pavlak, I am currently the PR  Rep & Affiliate  Program Manager of Unique Feng Shui Shop. Feng Shui has become very popular today, from celebrities, wealthy people to common
people are using feng shui to attract wealth, health and prosperity in their lives.  Feng Shui is very simple to apply because it’s based on energy. We are all surrounded by energy. This way we can attract abundance in many ways.

We’ve worked with bloggers who’ve written articles based on products or tips we have in our site, and later joined our Affiliate program, making their articles profitable.
You simply write an article, blog post, or review that  attracts the visitor to click the link (or banner; also for the sidebar) and we do rest, if the visitor places an order, you take 12 % in commission. You have access to your control panel to track visitors, graphics, and more.

We are currently looking for bloggers interested in joining the Unique Feng Shui Shop Affiliate program, as an affiliate, here are some advantages and stats that come with it:

  • 12% Commission on any Sale your site tracks
  • Banners, HTML Links included in Affiliate Panel
  • We are leader branding name in Feng Shui
  • Very known reputable company in the market since year 2000
  • Largest supplier of Feng Shui products
  • You get Lifetime commission
  • You can track sales from e-letters and email too!

    You can visit the Site here:


    If you have any questions, please email me at:

    - Sabrina Pavlak
    Pavlak PR